Advantage Replacement Lamps for Trojan - Now Viqua™

Trojan Advantage Series 1First Light Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of compatible and economical Advantage replacement lamps.

  • Compatible Lamps are available for each of the Trojan Advantage units
  • Lamps are individually boxed for easy end-user distribution
  • Lamps manufactured by First Light for proven reliability and demonstrated value to you and your customer
  • ALL lamps include First Light’s performance warranty

Compatible Replacement

Simply unplug the old lamp and clip in the replacement lamp. Physically and functionally equivalent to the Trojan replacement lamp. This replacement alternative is manufactured in the USA by First Light Technologies, Inc.

Economical Replacement Cost

An excellent alternative to the higher priced Trojan lamp.

Equipment Model Trojan's Lamp P/N Desc Wattage Lamp Length Diameter Base O-Ring First Light Replacement Lamp P/N
Advantage 2 702 650140 GPH300T5LCA/CB-0M1/Cell 14 300 mm 15 M2 2 X 211 2989
Advantage 5 705 650139 GPH473T5LCA/CB-0M1/CELL 25.5 473 mm 15 M2 2 X 211 2979
Advantage 8 708 650138 GPH648T5LCA/CB-0M1/CELL 32 648 mm 15 M2 2 X 211 2980
Advantage 12 712 650137 GPH910T5LCA/CB-0M1/Cell 52 910 mm 15 M2 2 X 211 2990
 Trojan Advantage Series
 Trojan Advantage Series

* Trojan AquaUV™ is a registered trademark of Trojan Technologies. Trojan Technologies has not sponsored, endorsed or approved this or any other First Light Technologies, Inc. replacement lamp.