Photoscience Replacement Lamps

First Light Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of compatible and economical Photoscience replacement lamps.

Photoscience Replacement Endcaps website.bmp

  • Internal Long Life Coating on all lamps
  • Lamp End Caps to specifications of OEM
  • Direct OEM Replacement

Compatible Replacement:  Simply unplug the old lamp and plug in the replacement lamp.  Physically and functionally equivalent to the Photoscience OEM lamps.  This replacement alternative is manufactured in the USA by First Light Technologies, Inc.

Photoscience P/N FLT Spec Watts Lamp Length Quartz Replacement
7160WS 3417 130w 1554mm Call For Details
7260WSA 3190 130w 1554mm Call For Details
7330WSA 3194 40w 843mm Call For Details
7560WS 3415 95w 1000mm Call For Details
7660W 3128 75w 1554mm Call For Details
7660WS 1604 75w 1554mm Call For Details
7990W 3155 130w 1554mm Call For Details
7990WS 3221 130w 1554mm Call For Details
AZ-5 2510 65w 1055mm Call For Details
S990W 3211 130w 1554mm QZ218
AZ9000 2147 153w 1554mm QZ218
C091/WS 3911 135w 1554mm Call For Details


Photoscience  has not sponsored, endorsed or approved this or any other First Light Technologies, Inc. replacement lamp