UV Max Pro Series Replacement Lamps for Trojan - Now Viqua™

Trojan UV Max Pro SseriesFirst Light Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of compatible and economical amalgam replacement lamps for the TrojanUVMax™Pro Series*

  • Compatible Lamps are available for each of the Trojan Pro Series units.
  • Lamps are individually boxed for easy end-user distribution
  • Lamps manufactured by First Light for proven reliability and demonstrated value
  • ALL lamps include First Light’s performance warranty


Trojan UV Max Pro Sseries

Compatible Replacement

Simply unplug the old lamp and clip in the replacement lamp.  Physically and functionally equivalent to the Trojan replacement lamp.  This replacement alternative is manufactured in the USA by First Light Technologies, Inc.

Economical Replacement Cost

An excellent alternative to the higher priced Trojan lamp.



First Lilght Technologies, Inc. Replacement Lamps for Trojan UVMax™ Pro Series
Pro Series Model Trojan P/N First Light Lamp Spec First Light Desc Lamp Wattage UVC Watts
Pro 10 UV Lamp 602854 3215 GIA447T6LCA/
100 35
Pro 10 Quartz Sleeve 602974 - 38 X 42 X 445 Open - -
Pro 20 UV lamp 602855 3231 GIA687T6LCA/
140 50
Pro 20 Quartz Sleeve 602975 - 38 X 42 X 687 Open - -
Pro 30 UV Lamp 602856 3232 GIA930T6LCA/
200 70
Pro 30 Quartz Sleeve 602976 - 38 X 42 X 930 Open - -

All lamps and quartz are individual packed and includes 2 O-rings. Rev. 6/10

* TrojanUVMaxTM is a registered trademark of Trojan Technologies. Trojan Technologies has not sponsored, endorsed or approved this or any other First Light Technologies, Inc. replacement lamp.