Heraeus Replacement Lamps For Municipal Water Treatment


First Light is pleased to offer treatment plant operators and purchasing professionals a compatible replacement lamp for the Heraeus Wastewater UV Treatment Systems.  First Light's replacement offers a full featured and cost effective solution to the original equipment manufacturers' replacement lamps including UVC output and internal coating to provide extended lamp life.

Heraeus Lamp# Description Wattage Lamp Length Diameter First Light Lamp P/N
NN1 300/147 GIA1570T6LCA/HO/4C 320Watt 1570mm 19mm 2898
NIQ 300/147XL GIA1570T6VHCA/HO/4C 325Watt 1570mm 19mm 2588
NN1 400/147XL GIA1550T9LCA/HO/CB-041 400Watt 1550mm 28mm 3404