Replacement Lamps for Municipal Water Treatment

First Choice for Replacement UV Lamps

First Light Technologies, Inc. is the leading U.S. manufacturer of low pressure and amalgam UVC lamp in both the 185 and 254nm wavelengths. First Light Technologies’ products are used in the disinfection of municipal wastewater, industrial process water and drinking water. Founded in 1994, First Light Technologies’ manufacturing facility is located exclusively in Poultney, Vermont. Our U.S. based sales, technical support and manufacturing organization offers customers straightforward access to highest quality products and exceptional service.  First Light Technologies, Inc. offers the municipal water quality professional “direct from the manufacturer” value with our unparalleled focus on:

  • Competitive pricing
  • Plug n' play compatibility
  • Exceptional customer service and technical support

Replacement lamps for municipal water treatment

Internal Coated Lamps

First Light offers its full range of germicidal lamps available with an internal coating. Our coating process yields lamps that are more resistant to solarization. The coating helps provide a barrier between the mercury in the lamp and the quartz body of the lamp allowing:

  • More constant performance over the life of the lamp
  • Greater end-of-life UVC output
  • Reduced mercury content available

Amalgam Lamps

First Light Technologies, Inc. offers amalgam lamps that deliver up to 4 times the UVC output of standard low pressure UVC lamps.  First Light Technologies’ Amalgam series of lamps are designed to operate efficiently at higher operating temperatures than standard and (HO) lamps. These benefits allow greater efficiency and lower equipment cost.

Key features include:

  • Increased UV dosage without increasing size
  • Greater efficiency; fewer lamps = lower equipment costs
  • Greater stability of UVC output over varying temperatures

HO Lamps

First Light Technologies, Inc. offers High Output (HO) in all lamp configurations; these lamps will deliver up to 80% more UV output than standard lamps. First Light’s HO lamps are offered with the standard HO filament or can be equipped with our long life electrode.

Municipal Water Treatment Lamps

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