LIT Replacement Lamps



First Light is pleased to announce the availability of First Light replacement lamps compatible with LIT Technology's DUV-A series systems.  First Light replacement lamps offer a simple and lower cost alternative to the after-market lamps available from the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) without compromising quality or performance.  First Light lamps are manufactured in the USA using quality components and production standards. 


Equipment LIT Lamp# Description Wattage Lamp Length Diameter Quartz Sleeve First Light Lamp P/N
DUV/A 300 DB300 GIA1598T6LCA/HO/4C 240Watt 1598mm 19mm call 2850
DUV/A 350 DB350 GIA1598T9LCA/HO/4C 325Watt 1598mm 28mm call 2802


* LIT Technology has not sponsored, endorsed or approved this or any other First Light Technologies, Inc. replacement lamp.