Luminor Replacement Lamps

First Light Technologies, Inc. is pleased to announce the availability of compatible and economical Luminor replacement lamps.  First Light offers the cross reference below for the First Light UV product that may be used to effectively and economically replace the UV lamps in the Luminar systems.

Luminor P/N FLT Lamp
FLT Spec#
Quartz Sleeve Replacement
RL-1300HO GPH1300T5LCA/HO/CB-0PN 4147 Please Call For Spec#
RL-210 GPH210T5LCA/CB-0PN 4142 QZ510
RL-210HO GPH210T5LCA/HO/CB-0PN 4144 QZ510
RL-210HW GPH210T5LCA/HO/CB-0PN 4149 QZ510
RL-290 GPH290T5LCA/CB-0PN 4132 QZ509
RL-330HO GPH330T5LCA/HO/CB-0PN 4145 QZ275
RL-330HW GPH330T5LCA/HO/CB-0PN 4150 QZ275
RL-420HO GPH420T5LCA/HO/CB-0PN 4146 QZ511
RL-420HW GPH420T5LCA/HO/CB-0PN 4151 QZ511
RL-470 GPH470T5LCA/CB-0PN 4133 QZ512
RL-600HO GPH600T5LCA/HO/CB-0PN 4136 QZ513
RL-600HW GPH600T5LCA/HO/CB-0PN 4138 QZ513
RL-600-TOC GPH600T5VHCA/HO/CB-0PN 4140 QZ513
RL-820 GPH820T5LCA/CB-0PN 4134 QZ514
RL-820-TOC GPH820T5VHCA/CB-0PN 4148 QZ514
RL-850 GPH850T5LCA/CB-0PN 4135 QZ515
RL-950HO GPH950T5LCA/HO/CB-0PN 4137 QZ516
RL-950HW GPH950T5LCA/HO/CB-0PN 4139 QZ516
RL-950-TOC GPH950T5VHCA/HO/CB-0PN 4141 QZ516
RL-999 GPH1000T5LCA/CB-0PN 4143 QZ517


Compatible Replacement:  Simply unplug the old lamp and clip in the replacement lamp.  Physically and functionally equivalent to the Luminor replacement lamp.  This replacement alternative is manufactured in the USA by First Light Technologies, Inc.

Economical Replacement Cost: Cost savings alternative to the higher priced Luminor lamp


RL-290 GPH290T5LCA/CB-0PN 4132
RL-330HO GPH330T5LCA/HO/CB-0PN 4145
RL-330HW GPH330T5LCA/HO/CB-0PN 4150